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по admin опубликовано Dec 18 2017, 15:28

Bot Libre for Business 6.1 was released this week.

Bot Libre 6.1 includes new bot analytics to enable tracking and visualizing your bot's activity, engagement, and performance. Analytics include conversations, messages, engagement, confidence, sentiment, response time, social media analytics, and many others. Analytics can be graphed for different time periods, or the raw data can be given in a table.

Now download "Bot Libre Desktop", a standalone desktop application for your PC or Mac. Create your own bot on your own PC and turn your computer into an AI bot.

Bot Libre 6.1 now includes cloud hosted issue tracking support. You can create your own Issue Tracker in your own Workspace on Bot Libre and embed it on your own website or mobile app through Bot Libre's web API and SDK.

"Domains" have been renamed "Workspaces". Workspaces let you create your own private or shared space for your own bots and content.

Bot Libre 6.1 also includes many other features, fixes, and other enhancements:

  • Analytics for bots, live chat, and user's application id access
  • Sentiment tracking
  • WolframAlpha support - forward bot messages to WolframAlpha's computational knowledge engine
  • Mobile autoplay for bots and avatars
  • Updated interface

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