What are labels, and how to reuse responses?

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Paphus Live Chat supports labels. A label lets you name a response and then reuse it just using the name. You can set the label for a response from the Training & Chat Logs page in your bot's Admin Console, or by importing a response list file.

To reference a label just put the label name as the response i.e. #hello (labels must start with a #).

Example labels in response list file

Hello Hello, how may I be of service? label: #hello Hi #hello How is it going? #hello

You can also use AIML or Self SRAI redirects in a response, or in a response list file. Labels are simpler and more efficient than AIML SRAI redirects as they are just an indexed reference to the response, and do not require a recursive evaluation.

You can use Patterns, Formulas, and even AIML in a response list file, and in the Training & Chat Logs.

Example AIML SRAI in a response list file

Hello Hello, how may I be of service? Pattern:"^ hello ^" Formula:"{redirect "hello"}" <pattern>^ hello ^</pattern> <template><srai>hello</srai></template>

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