compatibility pandorabots and botlibre

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For ourbots we use pandora and botlibre. The following aiml script works in pandora bot not in botlibre. Can somebody advice us.



<category><pattern>ed kool</pattern><template>
<title>ed kool</title>
<text>Vision of Ed kool</text>
<text>Lingvistica wordlists</text>
<text>Table of contents</text>


by admin posted Mar 1 2019, 7:38

Responses in Bot Libre are HTML (as is AIML). There is no <card> tag in HTML, so this seems to be Pandorabots specific.

Just use standard HTML.

<img src=''/><br/>
<span>ed kool</span>
<a href='https//'>Vision of Ed kool</a><br/>
<a href=''>Lingvistica wordlists</a><br/>
<a href=''>Table of contents</a><br/>

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