Package org.botlibre.sdk.activity

Class Summary
AddAvatarActivity Activity for choosing a shared avatar for a bot.
AdminActivity Activity for a bot's admin functions.
AvatarActivity Activity for adding and tagging a bot's avatars.
BrowseActivity Browse activity for searching for a bot instance.
ChatActivity Activity for chatting with a bot.
ChooseBotActivity Activity for choosing a bot from the search results.
ChooseDomainActivity Activity for choosing a domain from the search results.
CreateDomainActivity Activity for creating a new domain.
CreateInstanceActivity Activity for creating a new bot instance.
CreateUserActivity Activity for creating a new user.
CreateWebMediumActivity Generic activity for creating new content.
DomainActivity Activity for viewing a domain details.
DomainAdminActivity Activity for a domain's admin functions.
DomainUsersActivity Activity for a administering a domain's users.
EditDomainActivity Activity for editing a domain's details.
EditInstanceActivity Activity for editing a bot's details.
EditUserActivity Activity for editing a user's details.
EditWebMediumActivity Generic activity for editing a content's details.
InstanceActivity Activity for viewing a bot's details.
LearningActivity Activity for administering a bot's learning.
LoginActivity Activity for user login.
MainActivity Main view, allows connect, browse and content creation.
TrainingActivity Activity for training a bot's responses.
UsersActivity Activity for a administering a bot's users.
ViewUserActivity Activity for viewing a user's details.
VoiceActivity Activity for administering a bot's voice.
WebMediumActivity Generic activity for viewing a content's details.
WebMediumAdminActivity Generic activity for a content's admin functions.
WebMediumUsersActivity Generic activity for administering a content's users.

Enum Summary
EmotionalState A convenience enum of different emotional states.